Grim Sun Industries

Grim Sun Industries


Hello! My name is Scott Agrimson and I am a web developer living in Portland, OR. I’ve been coding for about 7 years, and am proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ActionScript 3, PHP, & MYSQL.

I also like to draw.



Mighty Marks Visit site →

I used HTML5, CSS3, & javascript to build this responsive website optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop. I also built a minimal CMS using Symfony2 and Twitter Bootstrap so the client can update portions of the content.

My Chat With Chewie Visit site →

I used HTML & javascript to build a drag & drop matching game and some fun animated navigation for this site. Optimized for desktop and iPad.

Forgo Visit site →

Forgo is a mobile web app which encourages users to forgo small luxuries and donate the money they would have spent to charity.

Users are able to create an account, edit their own custom list of forgoable items, and keep track of their donations over time.

I also built a full-featured CMS for this site using Symfony2.

Rhymesayers Entertainment Visit site →

Developed using CakePHP, this site features full profiles for Rhymesayers artists that includes albums, news, social media, and tour dates

Bon Iver Visit site →

For the Bon Iver website, I was responsible for developing a Wordpress plugin to display press clippings, all of the front-end code for the albums section, and bits of html/css/js here and there throughout the site.

Artcrank Visit site →

For this site, I built a custom Wordpress theme which allows the client to filter blog posts by city. It also features a twitter feed and photo gallery for each city that pulls from Flickr using their api.


Penny Finds Her Brave

I did the illustration and animation for Penny Finds Her Brave, an interactive children’s book for the iPad.

I also was able to do a tiny bit of IOS development for this, which was very cool.


This is a selection of posters I have done for Artcrank and a couple of other art shows.


A whole bunch of randoms, just for funsies.